Entering the Womb of the Himalayan Mother Traditions

Life is born out of darkness; the darkness of the womb gives birth to life. The seed has to be kept in darkness, in the womb of the earth, before it can break to sprout itself and start a new life. 
The ancient sages called the vast darkness of the universe the primordial womb. The source of all new life and energy.

At night we retreat into the darkness. We embrace the darkness to silence our minds — to rest, renew and rejuvenate.
In the caves of the Himalayas, ancient practices were born to give birth to higher states of evolved consciousness. Immersing oneself in total darkness for days, free from external distraction, the mind descends to deeper levels, tapping into hidden resources, revealing new ideas and breaking old patterns of the mind.

Guru Nanak

Adi Guru, Siri Guru Nanak Dev, is the founder of this tradition, the very personification of totality. Nanak Belongs to All For 22 years, he

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