Lineage Guru Nanak The tree and its branches can only be as strong as its roots. And thus, every tradition has a founder whose essence and wisdom radiates through all.

Adi Guru, Siri Guru Nanak Dev – the very personification of totality – is the root of our tradition. For 22 years, he flowed throughout the known and the unknown worlds, breaking the false walls of division and separateness like a mighty river of Oneness – Ik Ongkaar.

Whilst visiting the roof of the world in Tibet, he was seen as the reincarnation of Guru Padmasambhava and was named “Lama Nanak” and “Badra Guru” – the Precious Master. The Sufis of the Persian desert addressed him as “Pir Nanak” and “Wali Nanak”.

The Vedic masters saw the flow of the Vedas in his words and declared him “Avtari Nanak” and “Baba Nanak”. In the Land of Lau Tzu, China, where he sat and shared the teachings of Oneness, the city “Nanking” was named in his honour. The Taoist Sages bowed at his feet and proclaimed him “Bhusa Nanak”.

When he climbed the Himalayan Mountains to meditate with the Yogis and Siddhas, they recognised him as the incarnation of the Great Spirit, a man of Oneness, predicted by their ancient Puranas to be born to unite Humanity. In gratitude for his wisdom, they called him “Yogi Nanak” and “Avdoot Nanak” – the Immaculate Master.

Nine other Masters followed him, with the Light being transmitted onto Siri Guru Granth Sahib – the Guru in the form of a Sound Current, the very living embodiment of Divinity.

So that the tree and its branches could flourish and grow, the Gurus established a number of Sampardhas (Oral Traditions) to be handed down from teacher to student. Those to which we are connected are the Udasi Sampardha – established by Siri Guru Nanak Dev and later transmitted to Baba Siri Chand, his eldest son; and Nirmal Sampardha – established by Siri Guru Gobind Singh when he sent five of his disciples to Kashi, then the main centre of learning, to study Vedanta, Khatdarshan, yogic science and other branches of Eastern spirituality.

The Ten Gurus Siri Guru Nanak Dev
Siri Guru Angad Dev
Siri Guru Amar Das
Siri Guru Ram Das
Siri Guru Arjun Dev
Siri Guru Har Gobind
Siri Guru Har Rai
Siri Guru Har Krishan
Siri Guru Tegh Bhadur
Siri Guru Gobind Singh
Siri Guru Granth Sahib