Mind Becomes Zero – Heart Becomes Alive!

The world has changed and is still changing. You must learn how to stand as an individual and cope with the changes. The wisdom of the stars directs us to a pulse, within the chest. In the language of humans, it’s called the Heart. In the language of the mystics, it’s called the Drum of Existence.

It’s a beat to which even the galaxy is whirling to. Lost in the external impulses we have lost awareness of this primordial Pulse.

In this retreat, you will clear blocks for inner growth with technology born in the deep caves of the Himalayas.

Change your posture to Change your personality
Change your breath to change your life
Align your Energy centers to stability of the North Star – the source of wisdom
Release knots of emotion and commotion
Break free from unhealthy and repetitive patterns.
Access the portals within the Body and Mind 


Tuition: $150

Ashram Offering

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