Yogi Amandeep Live at Yoga West
3 Hour Master Classes taught live at Yoga West, Vancouver

Art Of Entering Mediation

Don’t ask how to meditate, just ask how to remain unoccupied. The mind is always occupied, at the blink of the eye, there are 1000 thoughts which scatters the mind in all directions. When you stop even to meditate, then meditation will flower.

When the mind is not doing anything, the energy would aumatically anchor into the centre of your being. When you do something energy moves out. Doing is moving out and non doing is moving in. Meditation is just to be, not doing anything – no action, no thought, no emotion. You just are without your history, a pure presence.

In this special class, we would teach you how through doing you can attain non-doing and how not meditating you can meditate.

Detox Mind Body & Consciousness

We are beings of light, born out of light and we return into light. When we received our human body this light was refracted through many sacred points in the body. From the tip of the head to the tip of the toes, this light is the true source of our well being on all levels.

As we move in the world of time and space, we forget these teachings of the Stars, the teachings of the Cosmos and we with our negative emotions create blocks and fears in the physical body, energetic system and the sub conscious mind. This limits the expansion of the multidimensional abilities that you are born with.

Learn ancient Yogic techniques to: Enter the relaxed ‘trance state” and to balance your left and right brain • Drop blocks and fears • Remove limiting patterns from childhood. • Release energetic painful emotional traumas • Transcend old patterns from past lives for healing.

Seek, Rejoice and Dance

If you are not one with the Beloved – Seek! And if you are in Union – Rejoice! – Rumi

The path of a seeker is a path of merging with the infinity. The love dissolves and the individuality by recognizing the totality. The sages of the desert, Sufis call this the state of Ala, e Hahoot.

A portal opens within the being, bewilderment downs. One is happy for no reason, there is a release of the tightness of life. The unheard music is heard, and the mind and body plate wit this Uni-Verse.

Without effort wherever one goes, one feels at home. Come sit with Yogi Amandeep, the Himalayan Yogi, to Seek! Rejoice! & Dance! into th Uni-Verse with a rare combination of Gong and Sufi Meditations

Healing and Silence

Silence – known in the east as Shunya, is the natural way to heal mind body and consciousness.

We are constantly in the dimension of doing, which is effort and hard work. The sages of the Himalayas, mention that one must learn to access the dimension of being, which is the effortless state, and one is able to access the pure potential of all possibilities.

In this space of Shunya, we touch the silence of the stars, the oceans, mountains, and the entire cosmos. This is the blueprint of life and accessing it, we immediately recalibrate our entire bio-field.

Sit with Himalayan Yogi, Yogi Amandeep and learn to:

Relax into your natural mind
Find you inner stillness

Release blocks to the flow of your experience
Expand your consciousness

Yogi Amandeep Singh

Yogi Amandeep comes from a deep lineage dating back to the Solar Dynasty -– the Mother of all yogic traditions. He shares ancient teachings from the Himalayan tradition by combining psycho-spiritual techniques with modern developments in emotional and psychological transformation.
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