This place is a dream.

Only a sleeper considers it real.

Then death comes like a dawn, and you wake up laughing.

At what you thought was your grief – Rumi

Online Module Content:
  • Bardo: intermediate space between life and death
  • Uthkranti: the science of Transference of Consciousness
  • The Yogic perspective of the death process
  • Conscious Dying
  • Prana Sutra – Taking the shelter of Sound, at the moment of death
  • Amrit Wela – the portal of the final 3 Pulsation of life, the space where you have the ability to dissolve all karmic imprints, all stories, all illusions and attain absolute freedom only if you are consciously dying.

Opening the three major knots:

Tuition $250

3 Month Payment Plans Available 

***Upon Completion of the Online Module, students receive 10 Continuing Education (CEs) hours and a Certificate of Completion.

We are the dream of One Universal Divine Consciousness.

Within this dream, we take many forms. Sometimes we fly high in the skies as birds and sometimes we swim in the deep waters as fish and there are times when we stand as trees for ages.

8.4 million incarnations, within 14 dimensions, the cosmic mind reveals itself as this and as that. 

In this Wheel of Samsara, every movement that we have ever made, is coded in the hidden chamber known as Brahmrandra, or the awakened spine. Through Brahmrandra, consciousness becomes mind and spins out, as this dreamed reality.

The dream continues in various forms until we reawaken Brahmrandra, through Uthkranti; the transference of consciousness, a closely guarded Himalayan Yogic secret of conscious living & dying.

The Sutra mentions, “Close the doors. Open Brahmrandra. Know the secret of birth and death.” 

Just like birth, which is a process of 9 months, the Yogic science states that death is a process of 6 months. What happens during this process of death, the signs of death as it envelopes you, how to stay conscious, how to use the yogic tools to bring joy to this most important event, where you are rebirthing yourself into another dream. Its not an end, but another chapter in the cosmic book of life.


Let Sacred Sound Be Your Guide

In the space of Bardo, every thought you have ever manifested knowingly or unknowingly appears in your awareness. It’s a state of total confusion as there is no anchoring, you are groundless and without a reference. 

If through Sadhna you have trained to hold onto Shabad, the cosmic sacred sound, then Shabad becomes your reference, it becomes your anchor.

The sutra is, “Manh Uhan Naam Terey Sang Sahaee”

Even now you are floating through thoughts but the great mother earth, Mata Dharat Mahat, is giving you are reference in time and space.

In Bardo, only space element remains, so you are baseless, and your thoughts take in charge and leads your path. Depending on your thoughts, next birth happens. Your thoughts not only are the cause of happiness and misery here but also after death.

The way to transcend is Shabad. You have to master, the cosmic sound, which contains the blueprint of existence. You are here to find your sound.

Join Yogi Amandeep, the Himalayan Yogi, to find your sound and be guided when no one else can be your guide.

Online Module Features

Student Portal

Once you register for the Module, you will have unlimited access to a private student portal with additional information and links.

Practice Resources

You will receive written instructions for each of the Kriyas that Yogi Amandeep teaches throughout the Online Module


At the end of the live sessions, participants are given the opportunity to ask questions to Yogi Amandeep in a live setting.

Language Translation

The Online Module is taught in English with live translation available in Spanish and Russian (when available).

​Video Replays

When you login to the Student Portal, you may replay the teaching videos at any time, as often as you like.

Tech Support

At any time during the Online Module training, we encourage you to reach out for any tech support needs regarding the live stream platform Zoom or the Student Portal by emailing

Yogi Amandeep Singh

Yogi Amandeep comes from a deep lineage dating back to the Solar Dynasty -– the Mother of all yogic traditions. He shares ancient teachings from the Himalayan tradition by combining psycho-spiritual techniques with modern developments in emotional and psychological transformation.
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