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Protected: Yogic Remedies for Alchemical Healing

See reality as it is

Cosmic Vision: Seeing the Unseen

A rare opportunity to learn esoteric teachings transmitted from the direct path advaita and the progressive path tantra. Mastering these esoteric practices cultivates the power to heal through the eyes, the potential to predict and to see clairvoyantly.

One is awakened from the dreams and sees the reality as it is.

Secrets of the Cosmic Heart

Code of Naad

The hidden wisdom of synchronizing the mantra with your heartbeat is called Naad. Himalayan Sages mention, “One, who knows Naad, knows the Adh”. Adh is the flowering of the preconditioned state of being, that which holds the pure potential of all possibilities.

This is an invitation to lovers, who long to enter the garden of the beloved, so close yet unknown.

The Appearance and Disappearance of Life


Just like birth, which is a process of 9 months, the Yogic science states that death is a process of 6 months. What happens during this process of death, the signs of death as it envelopes you, how to stay conscious, how to use the yogic tools to bring joy to this most important event, where you are rebirthing yourself into another dream. Its not an end, but another chapter in the cosmic book of life.


Ashram Offering

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