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Siri Manprem

Sat Nam, I just want to tell you I’m so honored. I’m so thankful you are such a blessing to me. You speak right to my heart and soul. I knew you are my teacher and you where my teacher. Hope to see you soon and keep in contact with you. Your teachings are so precious. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and you my soul. Humbly

Jasbir K

….Yogi Amandeep is a very human, humble, and down to earth spiritual teacher who is overflowing with knowledge, experience, wisdom and devotion. His insight is sharp and he demonstrates repeatedly quick perception. I have taken several online courses from Yogi Amandeep this past year via Zoom and have learned so very much and my energetic being, intuition and awareness have shifted in huge ways. The online courses have filled in many gaps in my training/ education and have given me a MUCH DEEPER understanding and experience of the kundalini practice. These classes have been worth every moment of time and energy…….in essence, priceless.

Sat Ardas Singh

Among the most profound moments I have experienced in any yoga class have been with this man.

Zohra Shahalimi

“I feel I have been divinely guided and blessed to have come across Yogi Amandeep Singh’s teachings. His teachings are the most purified breath of life. He is the field.

Yogi Amandeep’s wisdom, knowledge and teachings transcends all and brings to us the truth of existence. For those who are fortunate enough and ready to openly receive his transmissions and his wisdom sharing, transcendence and self realization is inevitable, by mere contact to his teachings.

No matter in what stage of the growth process you are, beginning or a seasoned seeker, Yogi Amandeep Singh meets you there. His teachings are timeless and spaceless.

Regardless of which part of the world you are born in, what your beliefs are, what level of inner- standing of spirituality you have, his teachings will resonate as he speaks, undeniably, of the ultimate truth. And if you are at a place inside, where you have come to some of the knowing, then, you feel the confirmation of the all knowing mirroring back at you.

Yogi Amandeep Singh has one of the most purified vessels, that is not bound by any tradition, religion or projections – it is consciousness directly speaking to you. With utter purity of intention, he brings to you the one field of consciousness. The one. The source of all.

I am eternally grateful for having crossed paths with his teachings. Thank you so much Yogi Amandeep Singh. Satnam ” –

Paramnam Singh

Sir, you are the only modern-day teacher who says teachings that actually touch my heart and surprise me.
In my reality, you are absolutely the leading figure on Yogic Wisdom & Dharma.

I hope the recognition continues to grow so many people can be helped – Paramnam Singh

Holly Dharamleen Cole

Dear Yogi Amandeep, the kriyas you have shared with us have enabled me to touch samadhi for the first time in my living memory.

I have been blessed to practice Kundalini Yoga since 2010 when it appeared in my life. In all those years the practices have never yielded such deep, transcendental experiences as I have experience in the past week or so. I see those years now as digging the garden and tilling the soil in preparation for this course.

It is my sincere prayer that these kriyas will blossom and flower and help to relieve the suffering of all beings.

In deepest gratitude and blessings to you and the Golden Chain of Teachers, Masters and Yogis who have gone before us

Misaki Sato

This morning I suddenly realized that
My life is so much easier and happier
I do everything as same as I used to do but with these teachings it is just easier and better. Everything seems the same yet completely different It’s amazing
Thank you for your guidance and priceless sacred teachings.

Sat Ardas Singh

Among the most profound moments I have experienced in any yoga class have been with this man.

Gurkirtan Singh

I had a severe car accident and cannot work.
I lost my memory and my identity.
I have been in emotional pain trying to get it back for years.
Then one day with you and I know I never lost it.
I am free.

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