The Meeting of Baba Sri Chand and Guru Ram Das

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Baba Sri Chand heard about this great man Guru Ram Das. And he wanted to pay a visit. There are a number of versions to this story. Different historical texts mention it differently. Here is the version of Yogi Bhajan. It depends on your state of consciousness. All stories are real stories, because people see it from their perspective.

When Guru Ram Das heard that the beloved son of Guru Nanak was coming to him, he waited for him. On the outskirts of Amritsar, there is a gurdwara, no one goes there. It is called Thali Sahib. Guru Ram Das stood there for Baba Sri Chand to come. Baba Sri Chand is the eldest son of Guru Nanak, and he is the blood lineage of Guru Nanak.

There are 2 types of traditions in this context. One is the sound tradition, one is the blood tradition. The blood and lineage of the Guru, two traditions. It is call Bindu Santan, and Nadi Santan.

The Bindu Santan, or blood lineage of Nanak, is in Baba Sri Chand. The sound lineage is in Guru Ram Das. We take 2 births, one you are born through your parents, 2nd time you are born through sound. Through the words of the master. Through the Naad. You take birth through the Naad. We are the Nadi Santan of Yogi Bhajan. He transformed our lives through the Naad. We are the lineage holders of Yogi Bhajan.

And here, in this story, the Nadi and the Bindu Santan will meet.

Rarely do two enlightened masters meet. It is like two parallel universes merging into each other. There are only a few instances in the yogic world where two enlightened masters met.

Baba Sri Chand and Guru Ram Das met. Imagine the vibration that would be created! Go back into that space, you can manifest that. Because everything is recorded in the Akashic. That happening is happening now, provided you can access the Akashic.

When two enlightened masters meet . . . All the disciples, they came together. Wow. Can you imagine if two masters meet, the conversation that will happen between them? The wisdom that will flow from them. Both sides, the disciples of Baba Sri Chand and Guru Ram Das were waiting for them to say something. Secrets will be revealed!

The story says, they both came and bowed to each other. The two strains of Nanak Consciousness became one. Garlands were put on Baba Sri Chand, he was showered with flowers. Garlands were put on Guru Ram Das. He was also showered with flowers. And they were silent. They silently walked to where the Golden Temple is today. There is a beautiful space called Brahm Buta at the Golden Temple. They sat at the exact location, in silence.

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Nobody said anything. For hours and hours they sat. Every disciple was thinking, why don’t they say something? Wisdom is going to come!

They sat and they said nothing. Because in reality there is nothing to say. Only those who don’t know, they speak. There is a sutra: The one who knows, they never speak. Those who don’t know, they speak. When you speak, one person knows, one person doesn’t know. When both are vibrating in the same place, there is nothing to say. After hours and hours and hours of sitting. Baba Sri Chand, out of compassion for the people around, and compassion for you and me, he looked at Guru Ram Das. As you know Baba Sri Chand, he never aged, he had no beard. He looked 12 or 16 years old. Guru Ram Das was 40 years plus, he had a very long beard. After all that silence, Baba Sri Chand asked, ‘Why have you grown your beard so long?’

What he meant was, Look at me, I’m a yogi, and through my occult powers, I have stopped aging. You are the guru. You must also have occult powers. Why did you age, you could have stopped aging? Why grow the beard, when you could have stopped aging? Baba Sri Chand, the head of all yogic schools, was recognized as the highest authority in all the yogis. He is a direct incarnation of Lord Shiva. When he was born, he was blue. And his right ear had an earring. And he was born with ash on his body. When he was born, his father Guru Nanak proclaimed, “Shiva

©ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Yogi Amandeep Singh 2017

has come to serve the house of Nanak.” He was recognized by all the yogis to be a direct incarnation of the primal teacher, Lord Shiva.
“Why have you grown your beard so long?” When Baba Sri Chand said this, Guru Ram Das opened his eyes. He held the tip of his beard in his hand, and he bent forward and he started to sweep the feet of Baba Sri Chand. “This is why I grow it long, so I can sweep the feet of those who have walked the path of dharma, like you.”

When baba Sri Chand heard that, he cried. That was the humbleness of Guru Ram Das. When he heard this, there were yogis with him. Some were 200, some 500 years old. Some walking on one leg. Some yogis traveled with him flying on deer skin. Baba Sri Chand turned to the yogis and said, “Holding your arm for 12 years does not make you a yogi. Holding a posture for 2.5 hours does not making a yogi. Going to the mountains and sitting for 10,000 years does not make you a yogi. This act of compassion makes you a yogi.” He turned back to Guru Ram Das and said, “Guru Ram Das, you are the real yogi. I bow to you.”

When Baba Sri Chand bowed to Guru Ram Das, all the yogic lineages which he had mastered and conquered, all the traditions bowed to the light of the Guru.

That is a Sutra in Sri Guru Granth, “Guru Ram Das, You are the owner of Raj Yoga.” Raj yogi means you are in the world, yet you are out of the world. You go through your daily duties, you change the diapers, you do the laundry, but inside, the Naam, the Shabd is going on. One who has attained the Shabd, who has attained the Naam, that is a Raj Yogi.

It is not the holding of the posture, or the breath. The postures and the breath anchors the mind. When the mind is anchored, you sow the seeds of Naam inside. And the Naam is the primal frequency which gave birth to creation. The subtle vibrations through which the entire creation is being held is called Naad. Shabd.

All mantra brings you to that primal vibration, which is only One. That journey to the primal vibration if the journey of Raj Yoga.

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